The market for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for pet care is estimated at approximately 4.4 billion Saudi riyals, according to the latest studies issued by international research centers, with a growth rate exceeding 8.2% annually. Saudi Arabia also imports pet and bird food from 18 different countries in the world, namely America, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Thailand, France, Turkey, China, India, Jordan, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Mauritius, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates


28-30 October 2024

Ryadh Intl. Convention & Exhibition Center

Saudi Pet & Vet Expo, is the first and only pet exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be held annually due to the current and prospective promising market for pet supplies and veterinary medicine.

Saudi Pet & Vet Expo, è la fiera dedicata agli animali domestici in Arabia Saudita. Alla sua terza edizione nel 2024, l'Expo sta crescendo a braccetto col mercato del Pet molto rapidamente, evidenziando il grande potenziale di richiesta delle forniture per animali domestici e della medicina veterinaria.